Biz Results Academy - 5 week Challenge

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Let me ask you a few questions

  • Are you frustrated by your current business results and know you need to reassess and up your game?
  • Do you feel you are lacking clarity and direction?
  • Are you saying , 'enough is enough, it’s time for new results'?
  • Are you open and willing to apply some of the strategies of  ‘high performers’ to your business, so that you can move you to the next level?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above you WILL definitively benefit from the Biz Results Academy training programme.


What is Biz Results Academy And How Does It Work?

Biz Results Academy is a five week challenge that will help you think through how you might achieve the new results you want, faster. It is delivered through five online training modules in my online membership site. Access is password protected.

Much of what you will learn, comes from the field of positive psychology, neuroscience and high performance.

Week 1: You are going to move away from feeling like you are all over the place, to getting back in the driving seat and discovering what is most important to you. Instead of feeling frustrated and overwhelmed, you will have clarity about what it is you want and as a result, know what to say ‘yes’ and what to  say ‘no’ to.The system you will learn here, is not just a system you walk yourself through once. You will be able to apply it, over and over again anytime in the future when you need to get clarity and a clearer sense of direction. Doing it every six months or annually is a good idea.

Week 2: You are going to shed light on obstacles that could stand between you and your goals.  You will be removing some of the blinkers that have been hindering you, so to speak. You will also learn how to apply my ‘obstacle analyser’ to quickly assess what issues are either currently in your way or potentially in the way, each time you set a goal. ( Of course, you can never anticipate all the obstacles that life throws up).

Week 3: You are going to stop just ‘doing stuff’ and instead understand the importance of having a strategy for your business. ( Not the same as a business plan - a business plan is only part of it).  You will  learn the essential elements that make up strategy and know how you to apply them to your business so that you increase your chances of achieveing what you want. New strategies will be added into the training programme so over time this module will become a ‘vault’ of wisdom.

Week 4: You are going to learn the fundamental principles of ‘world class productivity’ so that you can stop wasting your valuable time and use it much more effectively to achieve your goals faster. What difference might it make for you to go home at the end of every working day knowing that you have made progress and feeling good.

Week 5: You are going to think about your values and see how to apply them so that you can be more influential and persuasive. You cannot achieve anything in isolation. Effective relationships are everything. 

Each weeks lesson is between 30 and forty minutes long. You can take your lesson anytime and anywhere you have your laptop or mobile phone.  You can also take it in segments. You will have assignments to do,  I don’t believe in theory alone, plus you will have an action guide to complete.

By the end of the programme, you will have greater clarity of direction, be much more strategic, have a way to anticipate likely obstacles , know how to be super productive and be more able to work through others more effectively.

Also, just so you, know the training will work for anyone running a business whether it is new or well established. Also whether you are a solopreneur or have substantial team.

Plus, There's A Bonus

Inside the programme you will find my 'resource library'. It's divided into the five main themes above , plus one more. You will find out when you join. Not only will you have access to the resource library but as I will be continually adding to  it you will have access to the new materials I add too.

So, Let’s Get New Results

  • 5 key training modules delivered into your inbox a week apart to create the 5 week challenge
  • 24/7 access
  • Printable worksheets
  • Access to Gwenn via her new facebook group
  • Plus access to new lessons, as they are added.


Still wondering if this workshop is for you?

This workshop IS for you if...

  • You know that  with daily focus and smarter strategies, anything is possible
  • You are willing to set time aside each week to watch the lessons, think about and apply them to your own business
  • You are determined mediocrity is not an option for you

This workshop is NOT for you if...

  • You are only half serious about getting new results
  • You are too busy to get clear, focussed, feel more energised and resourceful etc
  • You are comfortable staying where you are


What People Are Saying

  • Gwenn has hit the nail on the head with her Biz Results Academy. There were so many things I needed to focus on and her videos put me right on track again. Gwenn is also very helpful and knows exactly what is needed to succeed in business.”
    Samantha Kelly - Founder, Irish Biz Party/ British Biz Party.

  • Gwenn. Biz Results Academy is a life saver. It’s not just powerful, it's empowering. I have so much clarity and hope now for Kinsale Art Academy. I am reengaged , focussed and really optimistic about the future of my business. Thank you so much.”
    Louise Mc Keown - Director,  Kinsale Art Academy.  

  • "This isn't just a fire-and-forget type bundle of videos where you're just another anonymous buyer. The support I received one-to-one from Gwenn over Facebook chat & phone in addition to the videos, was worth the asking price alone. Astute questions that cut to the heart of the blocking points for me and my business, along with one or two take-home ideas Gwenn gave me to ponder in relation to the exercises from the videos I was struggling to apply to my own situation." 
    Bob Boles - Systems Architect
  • "Wow. Fantastic!"
    Rhea Monkhouse -

  • "Congats. Fantastic . Loved it and found it really inspiring".
    Una Mc Intosh – Carolan Consulting

  • "Just completed module 1…..Brilliant!"
    Trudie Ni Chorai

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BIZ RESULTS ACADEMY by Gwenn Clayton is a 5 part online training programme. The programme takes the five fundamental elements high achieving entrepreneurs focus on to generate new business results, and breaks them down into small, doable & impactful action steps that you can take too. The programme draws on Gwenn's expertise in the areas of leadership and high performance since 1991.

.As a paid registrant, each week, you will receive a new video & an action guide to help you implement practical steps for getting new results in your business. You can also watch each of the 5 videos in the full Biz Results Academy training at your own pace. The full Biz Results Academy training programme comes with a 21 -day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

EARNINGS DISCLAIMER New results don't come to you. They come through you. Generating new business results takes time, effort, action and, more often than not, lots of hard work. Ultimately it’s down to YOU to do what it takes to achieve the new results & performance you want, both in life and in business. Biz Results Academy aims to help you understand many of the leadership components involved in creating new results so that you can increase the likelyhood of success through knowledge, but it can not and does not make any guarantees about your ability to get any new results, financial, medical,psychological,legal or otherwise, as a result of any of the ideas, information, tools or strategies taught. Nothing in any of the free content provided or the BizResults Academy programme itself is a promise or guarantee of future sales, income, profits,performance or results. Why? Because you and your business are entirely unique and what you actually do with the new knowledge you will have is your choice and completely outside of my control. What I can guarantee is your satisfaction. So I give you a 21 day 100% satisfaction guarantee so if you are not satisfied with the quality of the training just ask for your money back. I can only hope to guide, teach and encourage you to let me use my experience and opinion to inspire you to create new experience and results for yourself. When you register here you are agreeing that you will not hold us liable for any decisions , actions or results you get in any circumstance, at any time from any of our websites, videos, newsletters, programmes or other content. We offer no representations, warranties or guarantees verbally or in writing regarding your earnings or any kind of results.What you think and do is completely down to you. Neither do we offer any professional, legal, medical, psychological or financial advice.